Healthy Ghee

Pure desi ghee made from Gir cow's fresh milk 

Why our Ghee is the best

Farm made not factory made

Gir cow's fresh milk is used and processed at farm only for ghee production, we do not process milk in industrial factories

Taste & Quality

 Made from Gir cow's milk. Traditional ghee making process, gives us best quality, texture taste and quality

No milk sales

 We do not sell milk or do daily home deliveries of milk, Ghee is main product for us and we sell ghee only

About Us

Our Products


We produce vegetables, ghee, eggs and poultry and we sale all vegetables and poultry in APMC markets, soon we will start selling more products online

Our Story


Kohinoor farms is near pune we are farming on land area of 70 acres and taking vegetable and fruit crops, pure ghee, dairy and poultry productions for past 20 years

Our Mission


Producing healthy vegetables, ghee, and dairy products for health conscious people and processing the harvest on farm itself by using proven traditional methods of processing the milk, pulses, and nuts for oils

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We love our customers who like to use pure ghee, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.


Kohinoor Farms, Maharashtra, India

+91 7798818441